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Welcome to SCBWI Iowa!

Writing can seem like an individual sport, but it truly takes a team. Our region offers state-wide conferences and local events that feature lessons on craft; industry advice; and connections to great agents, art directors, editors, and authors. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who love writing and illustrating for children. Whether you’re just starting out, ready to submit work, or have a long-standing career, SCBWI-Iowa has something for everyone. We believe that together we are stronger.


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Our team

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Iowa Events

Meet Our Team

Kailey Mgrdichian
Regional Advisor
Mackinzie Rekers
Assistant Regional Advisor
Candace Camling
Illustrator Coordinator

Keep in touch

To inquire about local events, awards, or opportunities, please email { iowa@scbwi.org }

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Becoming a translator

Translation: Some Frequently Asked Questions, by Avery Udagawa